"Munk was my first phone call."

- Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff, Writer/Producer


Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff


"When I needed someone to write a cinematic score for a project I had written and was executive producing, Munk was my first phone call. He is an extremely creative musician who is always coming up with amazingly innovative ways to make sure he hits the right emotional notes with just the right amount of individuality. He is a fantastic producer with a very detail-oriented ear for melody as well as a talented vocalist. I have the pleasure of knowing many successful and creative songwriters and composers and I have to say with all honesty that Munk is one of the best I've ever worked with and I would highly, highly recommend him to anybody."

Ralph Jaccodine

Berklee College of Music

Business Management Department


"I just spent 5 hours with Munk when he was the guest lecturer at my Berklee College of Music Professional Development Seminar classes. My students were treated to an artist, and entrepreneur... and most importantly, a soulful man. Munk is a multi-tasking artist/businessman that creates sparks wherever he goes. It was a treat, and a blessing to spend this time with Munk."

Will Cady

Emmy Winning Composer


Sr Manager, Brand Partnerships

"Munk's reliability and wealth of knowledge made every challenge we faced together a smooth and pleasurable experience. In the many times where we had to think on our feet and adapt I always looked to Munk for leadership. Grace under pressure with more than a splash of showmanship!"

• 2010 Super Bowl Half-Time Show
• 60 Minutes (CBS Promo)
• 70th Annual Tony Awards (CBS Promo)

• All My Children (5 episodes)
• American Gothic (CBS Promo)
• Blue Bloods (CBS Promo)

• Bose Sleepbud II
• CBS Morning News (promo)
• CBS NFL: 2009-2011 (107 Games)
• CBS Sports NCAA: 2007-2012 (54 games)
• CBS Sports Desk (Golf)
• CBS This Morning
• Charmed
• Conned (Feature Film 2011) - full score, titles and original songs
• Criminal Minds

• Extreme Music (Sony/ATV)
• Hawaii Five-O

• Herd (70 episodes)
• Home Depot Second On CBS (13 episodes)
• Infinity Hardcore Brackets Show
• Let's Make a Deal
• One Life To Live (45 episodes)
• Madame Secretary (CBS Promo)
• Mom (CBS Promo)
• NCAA Championship Selection Show
• NCAA March Madness: 2007-2011
• NCAA Road To The Final Four
• NCIS (2 episodes)
• NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS Promo)
• NCIS: New Orleans (CBS Promo)
• NFL Today
• Person of Interest (CBS Promo)
• PGA Golf (CBS Promo)
• Scorpion (CBS Promo)
• The Bold and the Beautiful
• The Herd With Colin Cowherd (6 episodes)
• The House Across The Street (Feature Film 2015) - full score (58 cues plus title themes and original songs) staring Eric Roberts & Ethan Embry
• The Late Show With Stephen Colbert (CBS Promo)
• The Revolution
• The Sopranos (2 episodes)
• The Talk (CBS Promo) 
• UEFA World Cup Qualifying Highlights
• Undercover Boss (CBS Promo)
• U.S. Open Tennis (2 episodes)
• Young and the Restless (22 episodes)